Crystal + Floral Mood Rollers

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Mood Rollers
Essential Oil, Floral and Crystal Infused Gem Rollers for Mood Enhancement.

Whether it's feelings of anxiousness or a need to be grounded, maybe you need to be energized and strong to start your day, a pick me up in the afternoon, really anytime you need a mood change, the benefits of essential oils are so powerful! Roll over back of neck, temples, heart, pulse points, bottoms of feet or palm of hands and breathe in for 10 seconds. Use as frequently as needed and know that our ingredients are always clean and free of toxins!

*10ml glass roller with organic and certified therapeutic grade essential oils.
*no preservatives, please use within 6 months form purchase.

In 4 choices:


Romantic roses mingle with Wild Orange + Ylang Ylang + soft notes of Hawaiian Sandalwood. Aids in reducing depression, high pulse, hormonal disruption and general anxiousness. Use on pulse points for enhanced fragrance or rub on back of neck and chest for a mood enhancing meditation. Anywhere you go you can bring the feelings of contentment with you. Infused with rose quartz and organic rose buds.


Spearmint + Roman Chamomile + Bergamot infused with Aventurine Crystals and dried organic flowers.
Clean, grounding, uplifting... think Chamomile Tea meets energizing Citrus and Mint. Extremely heart opening and grounding, makes for a blissful mood.
Apply to pulse points for fragrance. Apply to chest and back of neck for maximum mood benefits.
Breathe in through cupped hands for a moment of meditation.


Lavender + Ylang Ylang + Sandalwood

Calm anxious feelings and center yourself anytime of day. Lavender releases Linalool responsible for relaxation, while Ylang Ylang decreases blood pressure and high heart rate. Sandalwood, always a staple in grounding, fighting inflammation and bacteria.


Vanilla + Spearmint + Sandalwood

Boost those positive vibrations... Madagascar Vanilla (an absolute not an extract) is an aphrodisiac, assists in sleep, relaxation and boosting the immune system. Laced with Spearmint for energy and rejuvenation, while Sandalwood always keeps you centered, strong and calm. This is a gorgeous blend to be used throughout the day. Clear quartz crystals neutralize radiation and encourage spiritual growth. 

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